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Project Tracking
      We seamlessly integrate our Research Database and CRM with a custom-built  
      Project Tracking tool specifically designed for M&A deal flow projects.  
       View a snapshot across all your Projects…
Project View
      Quickly view where each participant group stands within a particular Project, using  
      fully-customizable project steps that make sense for your firm’s work flow and for the  
      project at hand.  
Specific Group View
      Get a granular view of a specific group within a specific Project to view journal notes,  
      group members and attachments.  
Create Email Campaigns
      Create and manage custom email campaigns within each project.  
Track Campaign Responses
      Track the responses of each message recipient in real-time. Response logs are also  
      recorded in the CRM and associated with the appropriate contact.  
Project Reporting
      Quickly create project summary reports appropriate for updating clients, partners and  
      deal team members. One-click generates a 3-tab Excel file with (1) a project  
      summary view, (2) all project notes and (3) contact information for all project  
      participants. Watch Video  
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