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Deal Flow Management
    PEI Services combines an in-depth corporate finance Research Database with a custom-built
    CRM and an M&A specific
Project Tracking tool.
  • Expand your network
  • Track your projects
  • Journal interactions & communications
  • Close more deals
    Initial setup is simple. Sign up. Load your contacts. Start using the system.
    Built with the latest Internet technologies and a purposefully simple user interface, thereís virtually
    no learning curve to start working productively.

 I love this site. It is very user friendly and has
        all the right metrics and industry slices 
    Feel free to Contact Us by email or by phone. In addition to prompt technical support, we have strong industry expertise. There are also help tabs throughout, in-depth FAQs, and a Video Library.
    We understand the extreme nature of the confidentiality and integrity of your data. This is why we
    have built our platform behind a fully-encrypted domain in an isolated server environment.
    Further, our role-based permissions system allows you to assign varying levels of security to other
    users collaborating on your project. Set permissions to view only, view-and-edit or view-edit-and-
    download based on the userís status within your project.
    Trust is the foundation of our relationship with our customers. We do not look at your data and we
    would never show your data to a third-party (short of a court order).
    Our data recovery systems ensure that your data is backed up every 24 hours.
    We specifically developed our system to feel like a desktop application. We are therefore, by
    design, minimalists on graphics to reduce overhead and maximalists on user-interface efficiency.
    Simple. Fast. Functional.
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